Hannover Messe | Energy

Hannover Messe 2018

On the upcoming Hannover Messe from April 23rd to 27th we're presenting the current prototypes of our thermoelectric generators. Come visit us at booth K51 in hall 27.

Home & Smart

Home & Smart

The Smart Home industry is looking for low-cost Energy Harvesting solutions, following otego's development with great interest.

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Finals of the Elevator Pitch Competition

Finals of the Elevator Pitch Competition

After winning the semi-finals in Karlsruhe, we were now successful during the finals of the Elevator Pitch Baden-Wuerttemberg competition in Stuttgart. As third best start up we share the podium with our friends from GoSilico and Ruedenauer 3D Technology.

otego goes Bellevue

otego goes Bellevue

The German Federal President Joachim Gauck is excited about printed TEGs as well - happened during the week of environment 2016 at his residence Bellevue. A great push of motivation for us!

IDTechEx Europe Energy Harvesting Conference 2016

IDTechEx Europe Energy Harvesting Conference 2016

Our booth at the IDTechEx Europe Energy Harvesting Conference 2016 in Berlin was so popular that we ran out of business cards. But our new demonstrator showed great persistence.

otego at the Hannover Messe 2016

otego at the Hannover Messe 2016

It was so close that the US President Barack Obama visited our stand at the Hannover Messe after his opening speech. Still an interesting trade show and lots of visitors at the otego booth in cooperation with the Helmholtz Gemeinschaft.

LOPEC 2016 Best Business Case Award

LOPEC 2016 Best Business Case Award

We won the "Best Business Case Award" at the LOPEC Conference 2016 for printed electronics and we feel explicitly honoured. There will definitely be a special place for this trophy in our office.

Scale11, Startups @ CeBIT 2016

Scale11, Startups @ CeBIT 2016

...of course we were there, too. At the joint start up booth of the Helmholtz Gemeinschaft we were able to show, how future wireless sensors of the Internet of Things can make good use of heat energy.

otego gewinnt Science4Life Konzeptphase

otego wins Science4Life concept-phase

The concept-phase of the Science4Life competition 2016 is over and otego belongs to the group of lucky winners! We are looking forward to the next phase of the competition.

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Green Innovation and Investment Forum

Green Innovation and Investment Forum

The next award was waiting for us at "Green Innovation and Investment Forum", in short GIIF 2016. It was a great opportunity to pitch in front of investors that are all dedicated to sustainability and green technologies.

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International Conference on Organic Thermoelectrics

International Conference on Organic Thermoelectrics

It was a must of course for otego to participate in the first international expert-meeting for printed thermoelectric generators at the ICOT 2016 in Kyoto, Japan.

otego wins at the Elevator Pitch

otego in the Finals of Elevator Pitch BW

In November we were very happy to win the regional semi-finals of the startup contest Elevator Pitch Baden Württemberg. Now we are prepping for the finals in 2016, where we are going to pitch against all other regional winners.

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init Innovationspreis

CyberChampions Award 2015

During the festive award show of the CyberChampions Award in November 2015 otego was acknowledged with the coveted innovation award.

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Silas and the otego lab facility

New lab facility ready for operation

Finally it is all set for our future chemical experiments. From Oktober 2015 on the material development of otego is taking place at the incubator of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

That's otego

otego develops innovative thermoelectric generators (TEG) as an independent energy supply for wireless sensors and actuators. TEGs convert heat directly into electric power as soon as there is a condition of differences in temperature. They work completely maintenance-free and can use even small differences in temperature. The interdisciplinary founding team managed to bring together low-cost materials and industrial production methods for the first time. That is why otego will be the first manufacturer to produce TEGs suitable for broad mass applications. It is otego's goal that future wireless sensors and IoT-devices such as smart home heating valves are operating energy self-sufficient. In many connected devices inconvenient battery changes will be a thing of the past.

Technology in Detail

Outstanding Features

Conventional TEG are very expensive and therefore uncompetitive due to rare as well as toxic materials and complex production processes. The otego-technology makes use of inexpensive organic semiconductors (electrically conductive polymers) and processes them in large scale industrial production machines. This combination leads to a competitive price of TEGs for the first time. And moreover the use of polymers (plastics) confer superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties to the generators. And they are only the size of a sugar cube.

Flexible Bauform


There have never been as flexible and as all-round TEGs then otego's. They can even be mounted on round surfaces like pipes! This is a handy feature since pipes are often an ideal heatsource.

Mechanisch robust


Vibration and shocks are unable to harm otego-TEGs. The TEGs are made of elastic materials and therefore meet the requirements for rough industrial environments.

Ungiftige Materialien


otego is convinced that heavy metals like lead and tellurium have no place in consumer or professional electronics. Therefore otego-TEGs are only made of nontoxic materials, that allow for an eco-friendly disposal.


Cost Efficient

A technology is only of little use, if it comes with astronomical costs. By using earth abundant and inexpensive materials that can be processed on large scale printing machines, otego will be the first manufacturer to meet the industry's price point.

Field of Application

  • Where heat is available, wireless devices of the Internet of Things will be powered energy autonomous. For instance, the regular and yet inconvenient battery replacements for electronic heating valves in smart homes can be avoided completely. The needed electrical energy can be produced by converting a small amount of the radiator heat.

    Internet Of Things

    Energy Harvesting for the Internet of Things

  • WSNs are getting more and more important in industrial environments because monitoring of significant parameters helps to improve and to stabilize industrial processes and applications. Pipes or tubes with hot fluids or gas are perfectly suited for otego's TEGs. Warm rotary parts of machinery can also be used to power sensors for condition monitoring. Depending on the industrial processes there are many more possibilities to harvest valuable heat which yet hasn't been used.

    Industry 4.0

    Energy Harvesting for wireless sensors of the Industry 4.0

  • More than 60% of the primary energy is dissipating into the environment without any use. Having in mind, that primary energy is most often gained from the ground in an expensive and ecologically harmful manner, utilizing this heat could lead to hugh economic as well as ecologic improvements. It is otego's vision to transform some amount of this waste heat into usefull electricity and therefore support the transformation of the energy system by increasing efficiency.

    Waste Heat Recovery

    Large scale energy conversion


Drucken - Falten
Patented Production Process

Thermoelectric generators from otego differ from all commercially available TEGs mostly in the production process: In a first step, ultra-thin foils are being imprinted in a roll-to-roll printing process. The ink is a special electrically conductive polymer. Afterwards the foils are being processed in a patented and fully automated folding process. The result is a cube sized generator. This unique technology is going to allow a high volume production of TEGs. Still they can be specifically adjusted to certain applications by changing the geometry of the generator already in the production process without great costs.

Organischer Halbleiter
High Performance Organic Semiconductors

Unlike any other thermoelectric concept for commercial devices thermoelectric generators from otego will not contain any heavy metals like lead or tellurium. Instead of toxic material otego processes organic semiconductors that were developed in-house. This polymer material is not only optimized for thermoelectric applications but it also shows stable characteristics with regard to environmental influences like atmospheric oxygen and water.